Dallingrad pull of massive comeback in 19-goal thriller

Senya’s footballing fortunes suffered another big blow today, after they lost 10-9 to rivals Dallingrad, despite having been 7-3 up at half time.

Although Daniel Morris was unable to referee the game due to medical reasons, James Seago was able to take his place.

The game started off well for Senya, with Barnaby Hands handing the lead within 2 minutes. Hands scored again soon after to make it 2-0 before Jack Stables made it 3. Edward Hunt pulled a goal back for the Dallin’s before Jack Stables found his second and Lewis Allison made it 5-1. Charles Grant pulled it back to 5-2, but Hands then scored twice to make the score 7-2. Grant bagged another as Dallingrad pulled it back to a high scoring 7-3 at half time.

The second half though was a disaster though. Stables & Davis swapped teams, and that signified the beggining of the end for Senya. Hands made it 8-3 with his 5th goal of the match, but Dallingrad proved relentless. Stables scored his first for Dallingrad before Grant added to make it 8-5. Grant and Stables both added to make it 8-7. Hands did keep Dallingrad at bay by rounding the keeper and making it 9-7, but Dallingrad then became even more relentless with Grant scoring his 5th to make it 9-8, before Dallin captain Ewan Whitmore equalised to make it 9-9. And with 5 minutes to spare, sloppy Senyan defending allowed Edward Hunt the oppurtunity to give the Dallin’s a shock win, making the score 10-9.

The fans kept in good spirit, despite being subject to several wayward shots by some players, notably Edward Hunt.

Dallingrad can go home happy, as that result means they go upto 2nd in the MFA Micronational World Rankings.


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