Pambia Goes Under

The People’s Republic of Pambia has officially dissolved and handed it’s land back to Rukora. The President of Pambia Edward Hunt, broke the news to Senyan President Barnaby Hands earlier today in school.

The President gave this speech today; “We are all saddend by the Pambian Government announcing it was going under, and therefore we will have to cut all ties with them. It will be really sad to see them go.”

However, President Hands had feared this for a while, due to Edward’s attention turning away from Pambia and instead to computer game ‘Black Ops’.

3 Responses to “Pambia Goes Under”
  1. Ewro says:

    What really?

  2. Bubba Marra says:

    Ugh, “Black Ops”… At least it wasn’t “Grand Theft Auto”… Look at me, always on the positive side!

  3. CURSES! Another micronation lost to the disgrace of Call of Duty! I swear, by the Divine Light of the Heavens, that I will smash this game franchise if it takes me years!

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